A Limited and Exclusive Selection of Macramé

Contemporary or Energy Macramé!

Hello there!💖

Hope all is well with you all and that the sun is shining on you!

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the two different collections I have on my website.🌸

One of the collections is called Contemporary Macramé and is made to fit in almost every home. The designs are timeless and fits great with both the boho style, the Scandinavian, the nordic styles but also in the modern home with my simplistic style and feeling.

The other Collection is called Energy Macramé. This collection will keep on flowing in and out with new pieces. The pieces are one of a kind and filled with a certain energy. Together with intention, mantras and crystal quartz different energies goes to different pieces. Read more about this in the About section where I tell you more of these special creations.

There will definitely be coming more different collections and I have so many amazing ideas in my head just waiting to be created.

Have you every heard of a double creation? No not me either! But it will be pretty amazing!

Stay tuned for double creations and please contact me if you have any ideas yourself that you want to be created exclusively for YOU!

Big hugs Hanna🌸