A Limited and Exclusive Selection of Macramé


Hi, my name is Hanna Friberg, I would love to give you a little intro about me and the work I do

I was born in Dalarna, Sweden, known for the blue mountains, the ancient deep lakes, the vast forests, waterfalls and beautiful nature with four pristine seasons.

I grew up spending a lot of my time in and around nature and have always been very fascinated and inspired by natures creations.

I have enjoyed creating and being creative for as long as I remember, I feel very strongly that creating Macramé Art is part of my life purpose and through my creations, I want to inspire people to appreciate the simple beauty in art and to live a more creative life.

Macramé has been like a spiritual journey for me, besides being very meditative I feel like the thread and nature materials I use in my designs are communicating with me. I feel very intuitively which piece of wood wants to be used next, and my most popular designs have been channelled through me when I truly let go off all expectations.

Some of my customers have explained how the piece they bought was custom made to them and exactly what they needed right there, totally without my knowledge. This has happened a lot, and I truly feel that this work is guiding me closer to my intuitive feminine side while using my creative powers to channel beautiful art pieces and inspire others.