A Limited and Exclusive Selection of Macramé


Events with Nordic Macramé

Macramé Moët
As simple and amazing as it sounds! Macramé and Moët together with friends in your home or a special venue.
From 70€ / Person

Private & Bespoke Workshop
Girlsnight or craftsday with friends. Workshop of your choice where you can decide what you want to create. It can be anything from a planthanger to an amazingly big and bold wallhanging.
I can come to your home or I book a special venue for you. 

From 40€ / Person


Wallhanging Workshop
A perfect first Macrame workshop where you will learn how to make the most basic knots of Macrame and go home with your very own wallhanging and a confidence to continue creating at home if you would like to.

40€ / Person


Planthanger Workshop
Make your home cosy with a planthanger. Learn the basic knots and create even more at home afterwards.

40€ / Person


Macramé Retreat
Coming up...