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Events with Nordic Macramé

Private & Bespoke Workshop
Girlsnight or craftsday with friends. Workshop of your choice where you can decide what you want to create. It can be anything from a planthanger to an amazingly big and bold wallhanging.
I can come to your home or I book a special venue for you. 

From SEK 650 / Person


Wallhanging Workshop
A perfect first Macrame workshop where you will learn how to make the most basic knots of Macrame and go home with your very own wallhanging and a confidence to continue creating at home if you would like to.

SEK 650 / Person


Planthanger Workshop
Make your home cosy with a planthanger. Learn the basic knots and create even more at home afterwards.

SEK 650 / Person


Large Wallhanging - Full Day
Create your own large wallhanging, that you can bring with you home. Learn the basic knots of the wallhanging and hang out with other crafty people. 

SEK 1550 / Person


2-day Course
You will learn the basics in macramé and alot more, so you are able to continue doing different Macramé projects after you go home. 
Everyone will be doing their own planthanger, wallhanging, candle jar and alot more.

SEK 2400 / Person


Macramé Retreat
Coming up...

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